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Nike Barcelona futbolo kamuolys (geltonas)

Nike Barcelona futbolo kamuolys (geltonas)
Kaina: 25.00€
Ar turime: Taip
Firma: Nike

Turimi variantai:

Nike Barcelona futbolo kamuolys

What better way to support your team then to see their name every time you train! The Barcelona Prestige Soccer Ball will help keep your aspirations high as you train. Barcelona is one of the most talented clubs in the world and most of us soccer players dream of the day we are able to play with them. This ball will not only be as reliable and stylish as any Nike soccer ball, but it will remind you to chase your goals!

This ball is awesome. The all new green glow and energy coloring definitely give it some oomph! The BARCA lettering in the middle of the ball will be a constant reminder to chase your dreams! The air and shape retention of this ball will keep it in excellent condition for years to come!


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