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Nike Elite Storm pirštinės sportuojantiems

Nike Elite Storm pirštinės sportuojantiems
Kaina: 24.62€
Ar turime: Taip
Firma: Nike

Turimi variantai:
Nike Elite Storm pirštinės sportuojantiems

The Nike Elite Storm Fit Tech Running Gloves are very versatile and effectively one of the most efficient gloves available on the market.  With Storm FIT fabric for repelling water and wind away to keep you dry and warm. These gloves are also Touch Screen Compatible with fingertip and thumb caps for people who want to use their mp3 player or phone without removing their gloves. With an adjustable velcro strap closure, you'll have a custom fit everytime you put these on.


  • Touch Screen Compatible - Fingertip on index and thumb allows for convinient use of touch screen devices when you're on the move.
  • Storm-FIT Fabric - With warming velvet inner lining to repel wind, rain and snow so your hands stay dry and comfortable.
  • Key Pocket - For secure storage of keys and small items.
  • Velcro Strap Closure - For customised and optimal fit.
  • Micro Fleece Thumb - For keeping your finger warm and comfy and wipe away perspiration.
  • High Constrast - High visible logo and graphic for added visibility.
  • Fabric: Polyester 87%, Nylon 6%, Elastane 6%, Rubber 1%
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